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Writing 3 – If You Want to Learn Something

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I used to use #film #camera back in 1990s. I was that trip photographer because I was asked to or I was just a curious soul wanted to experience thing. Until 2010s, I started to explore #digital photography. I learned it by reading user #manual. (Why not YouTube? You might ask. Well, YouTube is too random and repetitive. You would waste too much time on searching for content than sitting and following the manual).
Plus, the more time you spent on consuming materials, the less time you put them into action. The best way to learn is to do while digest some basics. You do not need to know every part of the engines to drive a car.

You should know that some fundamentals are enough to get you started. But the love of the progress is what keeps you motivated to keep going.

As an #introvert, I have a lot of hobbies, #photography one of them which encourages me to #explore more, #do more, #meet more and #enjoy life more. I meet different people from different backgrounds, travel 7 countries within 2 years and do things I have not done before.


It is never late to learn or do something. Who knows, what you learn as a hobby might end up as a career.

Find #three hobbies you love:

One to make you #money (for me: writing, content creation, internet marketing)

One to keep you in #shape (cycling, yoga)

and One to be #creative (photography, videography)

Learn to create. You are happier to be a creator than consumer. The difference is that creator has end goal and satisfaction while consumer will always consume (no limits) and get disappointment. Plus creator makes money 💰 while consumer pays money 💰.

What is your approach to learn something?
What keeps you motivated to keep moving, growing and have fun at the same time?

Share your thoughts below.

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