Life Lessons We Can Learn from Tiny Ants

The ant is an industrious creature. Small in size, but wise in its ability to optimize its time, skills and resources. Following are characteristics of the ants and good things we can learn from:

Life Lesson 1: Ants teach us to be well-organized

There are three kinds of ants in a colony: workers, queen, and males. Each kind of ant does different job. They are so well organized, that they carry out their entire task through division of labor. Nothing is left undone in the Ant colony, because of the well-organized structure, which has already been put in place. This is a serious lesson for individuals who are not organized.

Life Lesson 2: Ants teach us unselfish unity

Ants have an unbelievable spirit of unselfish unity. If they find out something eatable immediately, they pass on the message to others. Ants use pheromones to get their message clearly across other ants. They communicate to resolve their problems as quick as possible. They don’t sit in silence, and hope, someone will understand their problems. They know, only way to get a problem resolved is two-way communication, i.e. using pheromones.
They also use pheromones to help other ants to taste the success (food). This not only allows them to win respect among peers but also help them to get the objective fast.

Life Lesson 3: Ants teach us the spirit of sharing

The ants share everything they get. They never eat anything alone. They show great interest in sharing. How fast they convey the message to others for sharing. But what do we humans do? If we find something immediately, we try our best to hoard it in a secret place, unreachable to anybody. Only very few have experienced the taste and pleasure of sharing.

Life Lesson 4: Ants teach us to have sense of discipline

The sense of discipline among the ants is really amazing. Without mistake, they march one after another in a line. How pleasant is their marching sight! Without any dispute or accident, they move about in order. Think of man’s spirit of division. Everywhere in life he finds loopholes to divide. He is more interested in division than in unity.

Life Lesson 5: Ants are great planners

When it is winter, they store up enough food in their colony. During winter, when the cold is becoming unbearable, they never lack anything. Ants are better planners than some individuals. They also plan seasons of work and of rest to prevent burnout.

Life Lesson 6: Ants teach us to work hard

Ants are noted for carrying objects that are bigger than them. This is only made possible through sheer hard work and determination. Ants are not only strong, but also hard working. They are not scared of heavy task, but rather take pleasure in lifting these objects to their colony. If we don’t look at how big a task is, we would easily accomplish task that seemed insurmountable.
Also, ants teach us the value of hard work. Laziness does nothing but encourage us to procrastinate and remain in a state of lack and apathy. Ants are never lazy! Neither are they poor nor hungry! Their efforts and hard work sustain them! If we strive to be diligent and work hard, our lives will be blessed physically, spiritually and financially!
Ants always keep themselves busy all day long. However, they are busy doing something, unlike many individuals who are busy doing nothing. Like Henry David Thoreau said: “It is not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is; what are we busy about? To be tireless implies never slacking or stopping. That is a very classical attribute of the Ant.

Life Lesson 7: Ants teach us to be persistent

Whenever an obstacle is placed in the way of Ants, they always find a way round such obstacles. Napoleon said, “Victory belongs to be persistent” We must never give up so easily in the face of obstacles. There are many obstacles in life that have to be overcome. As long as you keep trying you will get past whatever is blocking your path.

Life Lesson 8: Ants teach us to follow a routine

Ants follow a daily routine structure to collect their food. They don’t lose hope after one bad day or get excited after one good day. It is all same from them. They knew when sun rise again, they need to start all over.

Life Lesson 9: Ants have teamwork

Everything an ant does is for the benefit of the colony and they will work until they are done. Almost on auto pilot each ant knows their duties and they do everything they can to get those duties completed. Some are tunneling, some are moving material and others are looking for food. If any of the ants is not working with the team it will be noticed.

Life Lesson 10: Keep Calm and Get the Job Done

Sheer size of the workload does not intimidate ants. For them, a big or small job is just a job. Anything that really matters to them, to get the job done.

Life Lesson 11: Ants teach us to be self-organized

Ants are self-organized creatures. They don’t get instructions from top elites or queen. They react to local environment, helping each other on their objectives, and making individual law as the universal colony law to meet the objects.

Life Lesson 12: Ants teach us to be brave

The average worker ant is just as brave as Beowulf. The average human is obviously more than ten times the size of an ant. We get terrified by bears and tigers which really are nowhere near ten times our size. Some of us even screech at the sight of a cockroach. Yes, size doesn’t matter and bears and tigers are dangerous, but we’re just trying to justify the immense bravery of a little ant. With your strength, you could squash an ant, dismember it, drown it and do many other terrifying things to it. Ants teach you that no matter how terrifying things may look up ahead, you should never chicken out. Come to think of it, ants are a lot braver than your typical action movie hero.

Life Lesson 13: Ants teach us that the next generation is everybody’s responsibility

Ants raise all their young together and that’s something we should learn to do. No, not wrap our children like larvae and put them in a room but educate them together. You don’t have to be living in the same house to educate a child and neither do you have to be a school teacher. You could educate a stranger’s child by showing good example, giving good advice or even settling a small fight in a very civilized manner. Unfortunately, we have become quite selfish in the upbringing of our children. Even worse are the cases of child rape and murder. What we should do is be responsible for the development of every child. If you’re a parent, you should also learn to understand when others are trying to educate your children. Put aside your ego because it’s all for the greater good.

Lesson 14: Ants teach us to adapt to our surroundings

You can find ants just about anywhere. It’s amazing how they’ve managed to get the most out of living with human beings. Move into a new house and you’ll eventually find ants. Walk in the forest and you’ll find ants. Ants know where to search for resources and you should do the same. Be quick to adapt to your surrounding and don’t wait for a wakeup call. When things around you change, learn to adapt and make the most out of it.

And lastly, ants teach us that knowledge should be shared

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